Cryptography for Every Developer

Integrating user authentication and data protection in your applications may seem like an undue burden, but it’s the ONLY way to keep data truly secure.

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Passwordless Authentication with WebAuthn in Minutes

Your users are often frustrated with having to frequently change passwords to keep their information secure. If you implement secure tokenized biometrics and crypto-backed authentication, you can eliminate the need for passwords to improve security and user experience!

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Data Encryption & Tokenization

Simple No-Fuss Tokenization

Data encryption plus tokenization is a simple concept to secure sensitive data. It’s really easy and meets all types of regulatory compliance.

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File and Image Encryption

File Encryption with a Difference

Encrypt images and files before storing them in the cloud. This lets you maintain a separate location for your decryption keys, so even if attackers access your cloud files, they will be indecipherable!

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Key Management

Effective Hardware-Based Key Management

Trust the cloud or any device for file storage but maintain control of your file encryption keys. It’s now easy to separate encrypted file storage and key management – store encrypted files in the cloud while maintaining exclusive control of your encryption keys. 

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